Power Grazer Trailer – Now in its 10th year of production

An electric fencing assistant that makes including or excluding livestock as fast and easy as possible. Grazing in a sustainable manner is now more efficient than ever. Power Grazer is also solar powered for remote use and convenience.

Power Grazer Tailer on Youtube, Courtesy of Farm TV

Product Info

Want to find out how you could qualify to have the Power Grazer or Razer Grazer trailers Government funded up to 70%?? Check out this link to the Canadian Ag Partnership Program or ask us for more details!


  • 140 watt solar panel
  • Gallagher B700, 12volt, 7 joule energizer
  • Storage rack for Pigtail Treadin post
  • 100 Pigtail Treadin posts, enough for one mile of portable fence
  • Electric reel, 12 volt, capable of rewinding 2 miles of Turbo rope
  • Manual rewind handle
  • Including 1609 meters (1 miles) of Turbo Braid Rope, excellent conductivity, 25 year warranty
  • Removable hitch for security
  • Built in 3 point hitch
  • Lockable box for energizer, batteries, battery regulatory, and safety switch for reel
  • 100 amp/hour Deep Cycle Battery specifically made for solar use
  • Torsion axles
  • ZAMMR Gate Handle
  • Portable, screw in ground rod

Standard Trailer includes a Gallagher 700, 140-watt solar panel, 100 Gallagher standard pigtail posts, 100 amp/hr deep cycle battery, one mile of Gallagher Turbo Braid Rope. Everything you need for one mile of portable electric fence. 

Safety Manual:
Power Grazer Manual

Tips, Tricks and Uses

What are some common uses for the Power Grazer?

  • Cattle and horses are easily contained or excluded from areas
  • Provides an inexpensive portable fencing solution for swath and bale grazing
  • Creates a temporary electric fencing system for managed intensive grazing – (MIG)
  • May be used in the management of rest periods for grass land ecosystems by providing temporary exclusion of the grazing animal
  • Provides a labour efficient fencing solution to increasing or decreasing animal impact through the management of stock density
  • Produces a portable, inexpensive fencing system for the exclusion of animals from industrial sites such as oil and gas development
  • Provides fencing solutions used in biological eco-maintenance and reclamation of disturbed soil in grass land ecosystems
  • Provides a solar powered energizer which may be used to power 35 miles of permanent electric fence in remote areas.

Please note that the solar panel will still need to be brushed off for maximum energy production

Even though 80 % of the solar panel is still  exposed to the sun, the 20% of the snow on the panel may actually limit energy production by as much as 80%.

In very rough terms – 20% snow coverage of a solar panel may cut production by 80%. Sort of the 80/20 rule. In extreme northern latitudes, with few hours of direct sunshine, and cloudy conditions for 10 days or more, it is very important to keep solar panels clean of snow. Or if you have some favorite birds that roust on the top of the panel – best to clean the panel from time to time.

For more ideas on uses, check out our Grazing Principles page!