Power Grazer Cart 140

An easy to move cart, complete with solar panel, weather resistant tool box for battery, removable hitch, regulator and electric fence energizer.

Sealed battery, regulator, B700 energizer, and cart hitch are stored in the tool box.

Our commitment to grassland health and restoration means a commitment to our customers. Improved design, incredibly competitive price: Compare Power Grazer Cart with other solar products.


  • 140 watt solar panel with solar panel regulator

  • Large weather proof tool box

  • 100 amp hour sealed battery

  • Fence energizer, comes standard with a Gallagher B700. Other options available are Gallagher B1600, Speedrite 600i, and Speedrite 12000i. Call for options pricing.

  • The solar panel can handle larger energizers up to 16 joule

  • When tipped, the unit becomes a cart that can easily be moved

  • The Power Grazer Cart may be used to power inverters (not supplied) to provide household current or to power a USB port (happy camping).

    Price for complete package: $3295.00