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by Range Ward

Introducing the new cutting edge design for a temporary electric fence.

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Stockboss by Cattle Creek

StockBoss. StockBoss provides the opportunity to bring fresh, clean and cool water to ALL livestock. This is a key ingredient for their health and performance.

goose creek

Prairie Habitats Inc. located in Argyle, Manitoba, is dedicated to helping people restore native prairies and encouraging the use of local native seed. We can provide you with the tools and expertise for successful restoration, reclamation and native landscaping projects.

goose creek

Goose Creek’s highest priority is to provide proven quality products, experienced installation and knowledgeable power solutions backed by our unflagging commitment to excellence in service. The company has become recognized as a professional leading authority on Alternative Energy power systems and continues to remain actively involved with educational programs at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

foot hills resotration project

The Foothills Restoration Forum came together in 2006 as a collaborative research team comprised of experienced professionals from provincial agencies, the ranching community, conservation organizations, industry, and plant ecology and reclamation disciplines to meet a simple goal: to accomplish the restoration of the native grassland ecosystems of southwestern Alberta.

the beef site

A comprehensive agricultural news site


"Farm.tv is a on a mission to connect the global ag-community. We want farmers from Europe, Asia, Africa and America to share news and build friendships for life. We want to make finding real estate, equipment and supplies as easy as it should be. And we want you to be a part of it!"

trout unlimited

To conserve, protect and restore Canada’s freshwater ecosystems and their coldwater resources for current and future generations.

The Ministry contributes to three of the government’s four key opportunities. Unleashing Innovation, Competing in a Global Marketplace and Making Alberta the Best Place to Live, Work and Visit.


Since its incorporation in March 2010, the Canadian Forage and Grassland Association / Canadienne pour les Plantes Fourragères has been providing a national voice for all Canadians who produce hay and forage products and for those whose production is dependent upon forage/grassland production.

ranching for profit

The emphasis in conventional agriculture has been to increase production using fossil fuel technology. Much of the energy used, personal stress and costs in farming and ranching come from fighting nature. We have found that economic and financial stability are seldom associated with maximum production. Working with nature results in fundamental improvements to the economic and biological health of the business and can dramatically improve the lifestyle of the people on the ranch.

Pasture Map

Allowing you real time updates and monitoring of your electric fence placements.