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Introducing the new cutting edge design for a temporary electric fence.

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Land Stewards & Stock Managers

The Power Grazer series of equipment makes managing stock animals easy with the use of temporary solar powered fencing putting the land manager in complete control of:

Range Ward makes that kind of control affordable and simple for land stewards, so that "best environmental practices" while enjoying cost savings in Rangelands can be widely achievable.

Range Ward shares the dedication to grassland health and understands the demands on land owners when it comes to stock management. Here is a quick list of how we can help:

We would like the opportunity to demonstrate how the Power Grazer series of equipment and Range Ward expert advice can assist land stewards of any background. Visit our Power Grazer Trailer Product page to see a demonstration of just how easy it is to use. Power Grazer Trailer


With the Environment in mind:

Long before agriculture and industry, the prairies were a very successful eco-systems system that allowed for the robust food producing industries that we enjoy today. From ground water to local bumble bee populations and invasive weed outbreaks, disturbing the ground can raise a host of issues. You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't know that already, but did you know that there's a lot of new research and information, funding incentives and guidelines about how to reduce human and livestock industry impact, to help restore the native prairie's overall health?

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- Read High Stock Density Grazing Can Help Prevent Predation Losses In Livestock
- Read Recovery Strategies for Industrial Development in Native Prairie (pdf)
- Visit our partners and links page and explore their vast knowledge bases
- Visit the Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resources - Land Use Page

Visit our main Product Page to learn more about all the different features of our Power Grazer Equipment line.

To find out how Range Ward and the Power Grazer System can help increase your efficiency, please contact Norm Ward at rangeward@gmail.com or call (403) 646-0006.

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