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Introducing the new cutting edge design for a temporary electric fence.

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Our Mission:
To provide innovative tools and solutions used in the management of
sustainable grass land ecosystems.

Range Ward recognizes all of the competing land uses such as Oil & Gas, Agriculture,Transportation / Infrastructure, Parks/ Recreation and Residential Development. We are all learning more about how to protect and minimize our impact on this incredibly important food producing region and delicate prairie eco-system that supports it. Everyone who uses the land plays a role in ensuring a healthy and dynamic ecosystem for generations to come. We would like the opportunity to share what we know with those who play an important role (You) in managing our impact on the environment.

Service and Expert Advice

Range Ward isn't just products that are a step in the right direction for the environment; we believe in forming partnerships by promoting, advocating and assisting landowners, industry and communities in preserving and restoring healthy grassland eco-systems.

Are you a member of one of the following communities and interested in learning more about grassland management and what you can do to help:

Oil & Gas | Land Stewards & Stock Managers | Conservation & Government

Norm Ward

Norm is an expert in sustainable ranching techniques, grassland eco-maintenance and restoration, the latest in government initiatives, new technologies and responsible land stewardship.

norm wardNorm can be contacted for more information on grazing management via the details below. He is also available to provide information and mentorship for any of our customers, whether they are starting out with a grazing management plan, looking to protect or repair land with the assistance of grazing animals, or looking for more information on grazing techniques that benefit grasslands and lend positives results to various industries and the environment.

Norm Ward: rangeward@gmail.com or call (403) 646-0006.

Inventor of the Power Grazer Systems

Norm Ward, currently ranches holistically with his family, near Granum, AB. Norm has proudly served on the board of governors for the Western Stock Growers Association for 13 years.

Norm took his first Holistic Management course from Allan Savory in 1987. Allan went on to write Holistic Resource Management in 1988. The holistic resource management model allows one to set goals for quality of life, production, and landscape. Ecosystem foundation blocks such as water cycle, mineral cycle, energy flow and succession provide a frame work to work within. The Power Grazer Trailer and Power Grazer Cart grew out of the need for a grazing/fencing tool which we have used to help manage the landscape goals at Round-up 80 Ranch.

Being a Rancher in Southern Alberta has provided Norm with years of practical ranch management and hands on experience. Norm graduated from the University of Alberta in 1975 where he studied Agriculture, Animal Science and Grazing Management.

Combining his vast experiences with land management issues, land sciences, changing environmental and industrial concerns has led Norm down the path to invention.

Visit our Resources page for more information about Range Ward Services and expertise.

Visit our Products page for our list of Power Grazer Equipment and Gallagher Accessories.

Download or view the following power point presentation:

The following presentation walks us through how we can look at the environment we live in and the benefits it returns to us "holistically". Making the case for Holistic Land Management as a sustainable working model not just for the environment but also for the economy.
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